Monday, February 4, 2013

Society for the Reversal of Ocean Acidification & Creation of Ocean Havens

I have never done anything like this before but it is becoming clear to me that the only way to get this project under way is to act as if it is already happening.

  Society for the Reversal of Ocean Acidification and Creation of Ocean Havens

is hereby proclaimed.

The acronym for that would seem to be SoROACOH which could be pronounced in a manner close to the name of  Sirocco, the dry wind from the Sahara which blows into southern Europe.  Non native speakers of English might want to pronounce the "A" sound as well. Of course anybody who participates might want to improve on the name; such suggestions will be welcome. Note, my daughter Gwyneth vetoed ".. Creation of Ocean Cities"  on the grounds that bogans [= persons with more time than wits on hand] would add a "K" to the end of the initials. She is probably right.