Saturday, January 4, 2014

Web links on the subject of ocean upwelling

 This has some very practical suggestions for the most effective and economical methods of pumping

 Very brief but shows examples of simple wave powered uplifting tubes
             Nitrogen fixation-enhanced carbon sequestration in low nitrate, low chlorophyll seascapes
             This is one of the links in Woods Hole OCB document

Must be downloaded as a .pdf file. The 'perpetual Salt Fountain' is an experimentally verified flow of cold deep water *up* a pipe, driven by the lesser salinity of water within the pipe because the salinity of the surface water is higher, due to its higher temperature enabling more salt to be dissolved. 
The system obviously has to be primed by cold water being sucked/pumped into the tube first but thereafter it seems that the upwards flow will continue indefinitely.  [To me that is counter intuitive but that of course is why they were doing the experiment.]
Simple and straightforward experiment in wave powered AU in progress off Hawaii; it works.